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Balusters, Rails and Pickets

Banisters can be an invaluable safety feature in a building’s interior or exterior, whether you use one for a staircase, a porch, or an elevated area of any sort. The term banister or balustrade refers to the rail system in its entirety. This includes the vertical balusters or pickets throughout, the larger newel posts, and the overriding handrail. While railings are vital for the safety they provide, the benefits don’t need to stop there; they can also be useful for opening up areas that would otherwise be walled and then they also have the advantage of adding aesthetic value to a building or home. Here are a variety of appealing banister styles that can add some flair to a staircase or elevated area.

Metal Banisters

All-metal railings can be ideal for public buildings; it is often used in industrial settings and businesses because, on one hand, it offers a sturdy and safe railing solution with unparalleled durability and, on the other hand, it can provide that sleek, modernist look that all businesses envy. It is also a great look for a home’s exterior since it can be highly resistant to the elements. An all-metal look can also be nice inside the home, but many people opt for metal pickets only since a handrail made of wood or other materials can offer a warmer, “homier” feel. Glass is also often used to replace the pickets of metal railings. This leads to a flashy aesthetic that can give a polished look to a business, outdoor patio, or modernist home. Glass, metal, and wood can also be used in conjunction to great effect.

Wooden Banisters

A common staple of a home that exudes warm, conventional aesthetics, wooden banisters are a versatile breed of railing system. Different types of wood can give you a variety of looks and stain or paint can be used to further customize the railing. Most enjoy a finely sanded handrail that is pleasant to touch and a nice contrast of colour between the pickets and the rail. When working with wood, one hue across the whole railing system can look quite sleek as well. Some might prefer metal pickets to give the railing a streamlined and a slightly more modern or aristocratic look (depending on the design of the pickets). Wooden banisters often leave more room for creative freedom as they can be molded in a variety of ways whereas metal railings are rarely custom-made and come as is.

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