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Mississauga Cork Flooring Is Warm & Inviting In The Bedroom

If you’re redoing the floor in your bedroom, cork flooring is a great option to consider. When thinking of all the possible flooring material choices, cork flooring is not considered to be a traditional one. However, as more people have realized its benefits recently, it‘s soared in popularity. For an increasing number of homes and condos in Mississauga, cork flooring is being installed to create a warm yet contemporary aesthetic in the bedroom.

Bedroom Flooring

When it comes to bedroom flooring, people are generally interested in an option that is fairly low maintenance, but still durable and scratch resistant enough to stand the test of time. Many homeowners also want a type of flooring that feels warm and comfortable under foot in a room like the bedroom where they are likely to have bare feet.

Cork Flooring

One of the best features of cork flooring is how soft it feels to the touch. The comfortable, airy surface reduces shock to a person’s joints when standing or walking. Since the soft surface of cork can also absorb some of the impact when a person trips and falls, it’s a great choice for bedrooms of elderly clients and sleep/play spaces for children.

For those considering cork flooring in Mississauga, the fact that it is a good insulator is another great advantage. Since cork is made up of millions of tiny air filled chambers, it acts as an effective barrier against noise. When used in a bedroom, this sound-muffling feature adds to the inviting atmosphere by reducing the transmission of noise from other floors, letting the bedroom be a peaceful sanctuary of its own.

The insulating nature of cork also reduces the transmission of heat into a room in the summer, and out of the room in the winter. This not only serves to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedroom year round, but also reduces heating and cooling bills. Gone are the days of bare feet hitting a cold floor in the morning.

For those with respiratory problems or seasonal allergies, cork is a great choice for the bedroom as it is hypoallergenic. By repelling dust, hair and small particles, the floor promotes better indoor air quality. Furthermore, a waxy substance found in cork called suberin works by naturally repelling small insects, which also contributes to the healthiness of the area it is installed in and protects it’s long term beauty and function.

In many homes, hardwood has been used in the hallways whereas bedrooms may still have carpeting. When the time comes to consider replacing your carpeting with another type of material, it is often much easier to select a different, contrasting option than to attempt matching the hallway wood. The reason being, that it is nearly impossible to effectively ‘match’ a type of floor in a different type of wood, and in attempting to do so, the resulting aesthetic can be haphazard and unappealing. By using a different material altogether like cork, the bedrooms can have their own warm and inviting aesthetic to stand on their own.

Another great advantage of Mississauga cork flooring in the bedroom, is that it can easily be refinished. Whenever you are looking to change the mood of your bedroom, you can simply give it a fresh, new look to compliment your style.

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