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These Are The Top Considerations For Cork Flooring In Mississauga

Although it is not a new product, cork flooring has recently gained popularity due to its numerous benefits. Here are the main advantages of cork flooring in Mississauga.

Cork Is Soft Underfoot

Cork is soft and cushiony under your feet, which makes it an incredibly comfortable flooring option. This makes it an ideal choice for rooms such as the kitchen where you are most likely to stand for longer periods of time. In addition, its soft surface provides a sort of cushion, protecting against slips and falls, which makes it an excellent option for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Cork Is An Excellent Insulator

Because it is comprised of millions of small air-filled chambers, cork is a natural insulator. Not only will this provide a sound barrier, reducing the transmission of noise from room to room and from one floor to the next, it will also help to sustain the temperature, lowering your heating and cooling bills. Thus, cork floors diminish the transmission of heat into the room during the warm summer months and out of the room during the cold winter months.

You Can Refinish Cork

Like hardwood, cork can be refinished, which allows you to refresh or revive its appearance. Imperfections can be sanded away and the cork can be stained or sealed. Depending on the thickness of the cork, this process can be done several times, which can help to extend the lifetime of your cork flooring.

Cork Flooring Is Hypoallergenic

One of the greatest advantages of Mississauga cork flooring is the fact that it is hypoallergenic. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals who suffer from allergies, as unlike carpet, cork flooring repels hair, dust, and other particles. As a result, it is also easier to clean, which improves the room’s air quality.

Cork Is Antimicrobial

Another advantage of cork is that it contains suberin, a waxy material that naturally repels insets and small vermin. Thus, cork floors can help to maintain a healthy environment, free from bacteria.

Cork Is Easy To Install

Because most cork products have a self-adhesive back, they are incredibly easy to install. In most cases, customers can do it themselves since the process simply involves peeling and sticking the tiles. Some cork products need to be installed using a mortar adhesive, however, this is also a simple process which involves applying layers of sealer. As an added benefit, if individual tiles are damaged, they can easily be removed and replaced.

Cork Is Environmentally Friendly

Cork is comprised of bark from cork oak, which is harvested without damaging the tree. As a result, it is a natural and replenishable resource since the bark grows back regularly. In addition, cork is biodegradable, so it will naturally break down once you remove it.

Cork Is Carefree

Once installed, cork is an incredibly carefree material which is easy to maintain. Provided that it is installed correctly using a water barrier sealer, it can easily be swept or vacuumed to remove dirt and debris. To avoid staining, spills should be wiped up right away.

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