Custom Milled Hardwood

If you have specific hardwood flooring needs, The Floor Shop offers custom milled solutions. Some floor remodelling projects require more than the standard size of hardwood flooring. Custom milled planks can have lengths exceeding 12-inches and widths greater than 6-inches.

How do you know what board size would look best on your floor? The general rule of thumb is that a wider board (4-inches or more) gives off a more country vibe, while a narrower board will make a room seem more formal.

Custom milling is possible with a wide variety of wood species, both traditional and exotic. While a standard hardwood floor is convenient and easier to install, it’s not for every home. A custom solution is ideal if you want to achieve a unique look, or if your installation needs require something other than standard sizes.

Custom flooring can also alter the way flooring is laid. The planks can be installed to form a unique pattern. There are also options with the inlay process, as different colours and types of wood can be installed to create two-tone accents across the floor.

If You Are Interested In A Distinctive Geometric Design, Wood Planks Can Be Cut As Parquet Squares Or Even Rectangles. Parquet Wood Tiles Are Available In 3/8-Inch, ¾-Inch, Or Custom Thickness From Various Species.

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Type & Finishes

Shape And Size Of The Planks Are Not The Only Considerations When Buying Hardwood Flooring. Here Are Some Other Factors To Think About:

The type of flooring

Does your project require engineered hardwood or will solid hardwood be enough? The latter has its limits. Only engineered hardwood can be used in the basement, bathroom, and over concrete.

Style and finish

As mentioned above, certain plank widths look better in different settings, with wider boards being ideal for a cozy country setting. Virtually any type of wood is okay to use in a contemporary room. Dark charcoal, pewter, and whitewash finishes can transform most wood species into an inviting modern masterpiece. Wide, random width flooring in Maple or Oak looks great in Colonial homes.


Some species of wood are considerably harder than others. If you want your investment to last, you will need to be sure that you are getting quality wood that is durable enough to survive decades in your home. Exotic woods like Brazilian Koa, Cumaru, and Brazilian Cherry are some of the hardest species available. They are ideal for areas of the home with a lot of high traffic. If you prefer a native species of wood, Maple and Hickory are hard and durable. For areas that don’t get a lot of high traffic, you can get away with a softer type of wood, such as Walnut.


The finish is the largest determining factor in the appearance of a hardwood floor. The same species of wood with one finish will look like an entirely different species with another finish. There are pre-finished and unfinished hardwood options available.


With over 25 years’ experience in the flooring business in Toronto, The Floor Shop is you best choice for getting that special and unique look that your home deserves. Call us today to learn more.


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