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The Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Floors

There is very little doubt that hardwood floors make your home look much more modern, brought together and well finished. Having hardwood floors, though, will call for a large budget and potentially lots of care and attention to how they are maintained. There is an alternative though: engineered hardwood. Engineered floors give the finished look of hardwood but without the price tag or potential damage.

Your choice of floors is one of the first things guests coming into your home notice about your home. A great engineered floor will pull together your entire home by creating a unifying and consistent look with one simple upgrade. This floor will also give your home a fresh, modern and more open feel even without completely any other renovations.

These floors usually have a layer of sliced wood veneer over multiple stacked layers of a material similar to plywood. This construction allows this flooring type to be much more stable than solid hardwood which gives your floor a much longer life and it will stand up to daily wear and tear. If you have young children or pets in your home choosing this type of floor over solid hardwoods will prove to be a much better investment and use of your money because they stay looking brand new with very little maintenance and care.

One of the most well known deterrents from installing hardwood floors is that it is prone to warping and moisture absorption. The way that engineered floors are constructed ensures your investment is for a lifetime by using wood that has controlled moisture content so the floor is stable, durable and will not shrink after installation. The planks of this flooring type also have a built in expansion gap so that should it be exposed to moisture or humidity the floor itself already has room for expanding and contracting, and will be less likely to warp or show damage.

Finish Colour & Stains

The best thing about these floors is that since they are engineered there are almost endless possibilities for finish colour and stain. With the mass variety of finish choices your floors will seem like custom made hardwoods, but with the benefits of an engineered floor. Just like real hardwoods this type of floor is offered in various grades and styles so it fits a wide range of budgets. It is very likely that you can find a solution in this flooring type to fit your style and your wallet.

With regular care and maintenance, this floor can look like it is still brand new in 10 years time. While the initial investment is higher than alternative flooring solutions, its value will become apparent very quickly after installation.

What is more is that if you change your mind about the finish or look of your floors, these floors can actually be refinished to suit your new style. You can easily move from a cozy and traditional look to something more modern and edgy with a little work.

Overall choosing to select engineered hardwood floors in your home will almost make you feel like you are cheating: you will have the benefits of solid hardwoods with less maintenance. Engineered flooring requires minimal cleaning and upkeep and it will stand up over time much better without refinishing them. Your family will also be able to continue to live everyday life without worrying about being too careful around the floors and you can do what you are meant to do with floors: live on them. This flooring type is a great investment in your home, and will allow you to enjoy your home even more and increase the value of your home should you choose to sell it in the future.

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