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Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floors

You have just invested in gorgeous new floors and your home has never looked better, and every guest that comes over to visit has paid you endless compliments about how amazing your floor looks. As with any other part of your home your new floors will need to be cleaned. It is not so much that there is a right way or wrong way to clean your floors, but that to make them look the best that they can there are certain ways that you should clean your floors and products you should use.

It is inevitable that dirt and other debris will be brought into your home from the outside on the bottom of shoes. This debris will scratch your floors and dull the finish over time. The best way to remove dirt from your floor without scratching it would be sweep it up every day, or every other day, with a soft bristle broom or a vacuum. If you have a tougher spill to clean up you can use water or vinegar and water with some liquid dish soap in a bucket, and when using a mop you should wring it out as much as possible, and never leave still water standing on the floor. Further, when you are mopping your floor make sure you have previously cleaned the mop properly because dirt left over from the last time you used it can scratch your floor when you are attempting to clean them.

As an alternative to a traditional mop, you could create a mixture of water and liquid dish soap and spray it over your floor. Using a terry cloth, or microfiber cloth, wipe down your floors. This process will leave your floors streak-free and the cloth will pick up all of the dirt and dust on your floors.

These floors, since they have a solid wood top layer, are prone to the same disadvantages of solid wood floors such as warping when exposed to moisture for long periods of time. However, the benefit is that since only the top layer is wood these floors are a little more robust and will be more durable in terms of cleaning products.

If you have any spots where something has dried onto your floor, do not try to wipe or mop this up; instead let it completely dry and scratch it off with your fingernail or a plastic credit card. By scratching it off, you are more likely to remove the substance from your floor without ruining the finish of it. Further you can take a warm, damp cloth after you scratch it off and just wipe of any small areas with the substance still on it.

If you are searching for a store product to use on your floors to make them look their absolute best you can contact the manufacturer of your floors. The maker of the floors will have brands and products they can recommend to you that are best for your floors; they will know what can and cannot be used on these floors.

With regular cleaning and ensuring spills are cleaned up right away you can keep your floors looking exactly as they did the day you installed them. Diligent and consistent efforts will ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment, and you receive years of enjoyment from your new floors.

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