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Engineered Flooring Maintenance, Care & Cleaning

It is common knowledge that so many people love their hardwood floors because they are so easy to keep clean and care for; they do not require annual steam cleaning or big vacuums nor do they trap allergens or pet dander in them like carpet does. This type of flooring brings a fresh and open look to any room or even your whole home with one simple home upgrade. Once you have installed this new addition to your home it makes sense that you will want to keep them looking brand new for as long as possible, so here are some quick and easy ways to keep them looking their absolute best and ensure your family and friends continue to compliment your floors.

Regular Cleaning

The best way to keep your floors looking brand new is quick and regular sweeping. By removing dirt and various debris from the floors on a regular basis you will reduce the chance of scratches on your floor. Using a broom with soft bristles is best for sweeping up dirt from your floor. You can also use a light weight vacuum to complete regular cleanings, too.

If needed, a damp mop can be used to remove tougher dirt from the floors but none of the excess water should be left on the floor. If there is extra water it should be wiped up with a towel as soon as possible, as excess water can soak into the floors and lead to contracting and expanding between the planks. The best way to clean engineered floors is actually by avoiding water altogether, and by purchasing a microfiber mop or duster. Microfiber material has proven to pick up dirt and dust, and provide a better clean than a traditional mop and water.

Further if you feel your floors require a deeper clean you can contact the manufacturer of your floors to determine which cleaning products can be used without causing damage to your floor. You should never use a steam cleaner on your floors because steam, which is really moisture that is pushed down into the floors can cause damage.

It is also recommended to place area rugs and mats in entrance ways and high traffic areas so that you can avoid, or minimize, the wear to your floor.

Refinish or Replace

With your floors how well you care for them will determine the life of the floors. The better you take care of them the longer they will last and you can extend the time until when you have to either refinish or replace them.

Eventually, though, you will either need to refinish or replace these floors. With engineered floors the path you select will be dictated by the thickness of the wear layer, which is the very top layer of solid wood with these floors. If the wear layer is thin you probably will not be able to refinish them and will have to replace them instead. If your wear layer is 3-5mm thick, or more, you can refinish it at least once, probably three or four times in the life of the floor.

Overall, maintaining your floors with regular weekly cleanings, purchasing area rugs and by avoiding certain cleaners will greatly extend the life of your floors and how they age. Floors are lived on and they take a large amount of traffic over time; that is something that cannot be avoided. How you take care of these floors will determine how they age, so it is highly recommended that you clean them regularly and ensure you are not using products that will damage the finish on them. If you properly care for these floors you will be enjoying nights at home, and compliments from friends and family, for years to come.

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