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Why Is Engineered Hardwood Becoming So Popular?

You may have noticed a trend in the flooring market lately. Most people out there are flocking toward engineered hardwood flooring, and there are a few very good reasons for this. Not only does this kind of flooring offer affordability and ease of maintenance, but it looks fantastic as well. You can opt for a variety of stunning looks all without compromising your wallet and risking an investment that could get irreversibly mucked up a few months down the line. Keep in mind that the top layer of engineered hardwood floors is also prefinished; in other words, the material is very convenient to use since it has been sanded and sealed. This takes some of the legwork out of initial installations and the sealant helps to ensure that your new flooring doesn’t have its finish tainted by dirt, sawdust, water, and other substances during installation.

All Prepped and Ready to Go

Another benefit to engineered hardwood lies in the fact that it can be used right after the installation process is complete. Unlike with genuine hardwood floors, the sanding and sealing that you could normally expect to take hours has already been taken care of pre-emptively at a factory. This modern flooring has been fine-tuned for your own custom needs and is fully operational once it has been properly installed.

Removable Scratches, Scuffs, and Blemishes

As well, don’t expect any scuffs or blemishes to be a mainstay; since these floors are able to be sanded, scratches and dents can be polished and removed if necessary. In comparison, laminate and vinyl floorings can obviously not be sanded and are therefore more at the mercy of wear and tear. All you have to remember is that an engineered hardwood floor can only be sanded a finite number of times in its lifetime.

Still a Low-Tolerance Material

Issues can unfortunately arise during the sanding process if you’re not careful. To avoid over-sanding, uneven sanding, or other issues, it is always optimal to hire a flooring company that specializes in sanding and engineered hardwood. Such an expert can ensure that your floor is polished with care and that no mistakes will be made. This is especially crucial since this flooring type has a low amount of tolerance and the incorrect sanding technique can actually ruin the floor. In the worst case scenario, the sanding job will work its way through the entire material so that the plywood below becomes visible. It is often better to not to take the risks involved in a DIY approach and instead hire a company such as The Floor Shop that has vast amounts of experience with the material.

So there you have it. Engineered hardwood is one of the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing ways of furnishing your floors. The fact that it is also affordable only further explains why it has become a favourite among home and business owners. If you’re thinking about installing a new engineered hardwood floor or if you need to refine a floor you already have, give us a call or e-mail The Floor Shop and we’ll be sure to help you out and exceed your expectations!

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