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Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor Investment

Nearly all homeowners aspire to own hardwood floors at one point or another. Not surprisingly, “hardwood floors” account for one of the most common search phrases in the current real estate market. Want to make the most of your renovation investments? Read ahead for some useful tips and advice!

Solid Hardwood or Engineered Hardwood?

With solid hardwood you are essentially getting authentic wooden planks that come in a variety of sizes and wood species. These can come either unfinished or already prefinished. Because moisture can lead to warping, this type of flooring should be installed above grade and only in areas with low humidity.

How Is Its Durability?

Amazingly, engineered hardwood flooring is not only durable, but the majority of manufacturers feel confident enough to offer thirty-year warranties as well. Now that is some impressive insurance! Not only are you unlikely to ever see it break, but on the off-chance that you do, most companies will foot the bill.

As for engineered hardwood, this type of floor contains an initial layer of genuine hardwood that is backed by several layers of composite wood. You can buy it in many shapes and styles and it is normally prefinished. This flooring type is more resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations, so it will be a viable flooring solution in more areas and you can install it below grade.

Plan Your Decision Carefully

Regardless of which flooring type you choose, it is important to try to choose one and have it be consistent throughout your home. When deciding on a flooring to invest in, consider your home’s size, décor style, and colour scheme. Choosing a flooring that matches the rest of your home will help to enhance its overall aesthetics and ensure that nothing (including the floor itself!) looks out of place.

Choosing a Colour

Darker hues of hardwood promote a formal atmosphere and are great for making large rooms feel more personal and intimate. Lighter hues help to expand smaller rooms while concealing the scuffs, dust, and indents that high-traffic areas are more prone to. A more moderate shade of brown is thought to give a more classical look, and dark, near-black shades of hardwood offer a more modern aesthetic.

Picking a Width

The width of a floorboard can have a greater impact than you would think. While thinner planks offer a more old-fashioned look, wider planks can make a room feel cozy and rustic. A popular choice would be something in the middle. This is often your best option since hardwood is a substantial investment, and you likely want to aim for a safe yet classic look that has little chance of disappointing.

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