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Trendy Remodeling Ideas For 2016

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest remodeling trends when it seems like they are changing all too quickly. If you are considering renovations for your home in the near future, you don’t want to feel like you are investing in changes that will be outdated before you are done renovating. Avoid the stagnation of following an obsolete trend, and read ahead for some fresh, new ideas that will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. It’s time to remind your home or business that it is 2016!

1. Sleek Shades

While beige used to be a mainstay in homes, the majority are now shifting toward greys and even darker shades. Crisp hues of black contrasted with shades of white are becoming a common way to refine the aesthetics of a kitchen. Greys and blacks are even overtaking white in the bathroom, making for a bathroom that appears more cultivated and handles messes better in the process.

2. That Sinking Feeling

When your kitchen is starting to show its age, a new sink can really be a game-changer. Those deeper, undivided sink bowls are starting to outshine the classic two-bowl sinks. More people are finding less uses for a partitioned sink and are seeing the superior value of having more space for unwieldy pots and pans.

3. Upgraded Bathrooms

Sure, kitchens have been a staple of home renovations for the past few years, but now more refined bathrooms are becoming all the rage. From the previously mentioned emphasis on darker colour schemes and accents to larger tubs, showers, and sleek tiles, the bathroom is becoming an aesthetic powerhouse.

4. Bigger Showers and Tubs!

This might be one of the largest changes happening for bathrooms trend-wise, so it is worth noting; the miniature cubicles of yesteryear are being done away with in favour of large walk-in showers and soaker tubs. Depending on your space and preferences, you may only want one of these options!

5. The Modern Metallic

The growing trend of having metal appliances is only spreading further throughout the home. We are beginning to see a surge of metallic sinks, countertops, and light fixtures dominating the market. Remember that certain shades of metal are proving trendier than others.

6. Accent Walls

The infamous accent walls have made their triumphant return. Using certain textures or accents with a natural wood aesthetic are becoming ideal approaches to accents in the modern era. While faux and chalkboard finishes can be used universally throughout any room in the house, certain wooden hues can really be useful for warming up a room’s visual atmosphere.

7. Walk on Wood

While hardwood is typically the undisputed champ of flooring trends, advances in engineered hardwood are making this new innovation in flooring a cheaper and more versatile alternative. As such, engineered hardwood has gained a lot of momentum and popularity in the flooring market. It is also a more appealing option for a lover of DIY projects since the planks are prefinished and are designed to easily interlock.

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