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When To Use Engineered Wood Floors

The thing about engineered wood floors is that, often, they do not look any different than solid wood planks and this is great for people who want the look of solid wood but maybe just do not have the budget for it or want to install the flooring in somewhere like their basement where it is not recommended to install solid wood flooring. When installing a new floor it can be a little tricky to decide if you should install solid wood or engineered flooring but it does not have to be.

Wood floors add a lot of warmth and character to any home and, if maintained correctly and clean regularly, they can last for the lifetime of your home. As mentioned solid and engineered wood floors are indistinguishable from each other after installation, so determined when to select one or other is more based on the construction and situation rather than what the finished look is.

When engineered flooring first came into the market its original intention was to be installed on the main floor of a home on a concrete slab or in basements everywhere. These floors, though, have exploded in uses over the last couple decades. The probable reason for this is because engineered flooring have an incredibly high tolerance to moisture; to be clear, though, this does not mean you can have standing water on the floor for long periods of time because that will still result in warping of the boards or the bubbling look, but this type of flooring handles changing humidity levels of your home much better than solid wood floors.

Another great bonus to using engineered flooring is that you no longer have to worry about transition areas into other rooms of your home. This is because this type of flooring can actually be used in all rooms of you home, and you can install it throughout. This will also help you to create a unified look to your home.

One of the downsides, and an area where engineered really is no different from solid hard wood is installation. It is highly recommended that installation of these floors is left to a professional team unless you have a lot of experience in home renovation projects. If you are absolutely set on installing these floors yourself, though, you can install them as a floating floor which cannot be accomplished with solid wood floors. Floating floors are much easier to successfully complete as a DIY project than gluing or nailing them down.

Pro Tip: if you are trying your best to be ecologically friendly engineered floors tend to come from more sustainable sources than other flooring alternatives.

Well selected engineered floors can actually last upwards of 50 years in your home, some as long as 80+ years. So if you choose to install high quality floors in your house you can greatly increase the resale value of your home; but on the other side of this cheaper grade floors will show age quicker and will not stand up as well in your home.

So it has been recommended to not install cheap engineered flooring, but what is a low end or high end flooring product? On average you can expect to spend anywhere from $3 – $18/square foot, including installation. The cheaper end would be $3/square foot and you will not get the same life out of that flooring as you would when spending $10+/square foot. While you can always get some great sales at various home improvement or flooring specialty stores, but it is important to look at the original price to judge the quality of the floor. Of course it is also really important to not go over a budget you are comfortable with, either.

Overall, if you are looking for an incredibly versatile floor that will bring warmth and a fresh new look to your home engineered flooring is the way to go. It will provide you with a floor that looks pretty indistinguishable from solid wood flooring but it comes with the benefit of being much more robust than solid wood planks. Engineered wood floors are a great budget-friendly option to add a modern and fresh look to your home.

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