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Nothing creates a unique living environment like exotic flooring. Due to its rich natural colour and unique graining, it’s a growing trend in homes today.

There is a wide of variety of species available in both solid and engineered wood flooring. The Floor Shop offers custom solutions for homeowners. Exotic wood species are not only rich and unique in appearance, they are also durable and hard. Their durability and resistance to dents making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas of the home.


Whatever style you’re aiming for, there is an exotic flooring solution to match.

Some popular trends include:

  • Brazilian Cherry
    Also known as Jatoba, this wood species is renowned for its high hardness rating and extreme colour variation. The patterns range from reddish brown and reddish blonde tones to deep red. When used in flooring, Brazilian cherry creates a unique mosaic. When exposed to light, it darkens to a beautiful hue.
  • Brazilian Oak
    Also known as Amendoim, Brazilian Oak has a golden/reddish brown tone that ranges from medium to light. It tends to have more rings and swirls than Brazilian Cherry. Its most distinctive feature is its almost holographic appearance. Grain patterns tend to appear very light and blend into the warm backdrop of the wood.
  • Brazilian Teak
    We provide you with a detailed estimate in writing after our estimator measures the room(s) and evaluates the existing flooring. In the estimate, the cost of the materials and required transition pieces are clearly itemized.
  • Tigerwood
    Also known as Bolivian Koa, this wood species looks best on wider planks of 5-inches or more, due to its intense graining. On narrow boards, it has a tendency to create a busy appearance and may become too distracting. The graining includes dark thick striping on a backdrop of medium brown and light gold.
  • Bamboo
    Bamboo flooring is growing in popularity. Not only does it offer a unique look, it’s actually affordable and eco-friendly. The hardness depends on the harvesting time of the grass. Strand Bamboo is twice as hard as Oak, and is produced by compressing the fibers under pressure and extreme heat. In addition to stranding, bamboo flooring comes in various styles, including horizontal, vertical, woven, strand-woven, and engineered.
  • Santos Mahogany
    One of the popular choices of exotic hardwood flooring, Santos Mahogany (Carbrueva) has a lot of colour variation, which ranges from medium brown/orange to dark brown. It tends to turn more purple/red overtime. Quarter-sawn sections can show a ribbon or striped pattern. The grain is generally interlocked, with a fine to medium texture. With this flooring, you can expect good natural luster.

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