Experience the Look and Feel of Hardwood with Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Natural hardwood floors, step aside! The new choice of homeowners and designers when tackling flooring projects is luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP). There are a few reasons that this flooring has become ideal for many rooms and you’re definitely going to want to know about LVP before spending your time and money on different flooring options.

It’s Perfect for Every Room

There isn’t a room that luxury vinyl plank can’t be used in. It can be installed on virtually every surface (we’re talking: concrete, tile, wood, existing vinyl or laminate) and is water resistant. This means that it’s spill proof in the kitchen, bathroom, and even the laundry room. It can even be installed in basements without worrying about mold or other microorganisms.

You Can Do-It-Yourself

LVP flooring is simple to install in most cases, and if you prepare properly it’s definitely going to be a breeze to install your new flooring yourself. Most LVP comes with interlocking joints, although there are other types, and the planks are simply locked together and installed sequentially. There are also glue-down LVP flooring options, which are also relatively easy to install although they do require a couple of extra steps. If you aren’t interested in installing your new flooring yourself most stores that sell the LVP flooring will also offer installation packages, so don’t worry.

Endless Style Options

Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect even for the hard to please person in your design team who you’re sure is going to be impossible to impress. LVP flooring comes in a variety of wood species (maple, oak, or walnut to name a few) and tones (ranging from light to dark with everything in between). This flooring even comes in the ever-popular grey hardwood tones that has taken the flooring design world by storm in recent years.


One of the nicest things about LVP flooring is its durability. It’s resistant to stains and scuffs which means that even in high traffic areas you don’t need to worry about spills or your flooring fading from wear. The flooring is also guaranteed for an average of 10 years, depending on the manufacturer.


It’s almost unbelievable that the same rich and warm comforting feeling achieved with natural hardwood can be matched by LVP flooring, but it’s true! It really is possible to compete with natural hardwood flooring for a fraction of the cost. On average, LVP costs between $3 – $6 per square foot which means that there is a vinyl flooring option that will fit every budget.

If you’re struggling with achieving the look and feel for your project with hardwood, for whatever reason, maybe it’s time you consider luxury vinyl plank. If you have a busy household and don’t want to worry about another flooring project in the upcoming years, LVP is an excellent option for you. If you want some help deciding if LVP flooring is right for you give The Floor Shop a call. They’re experts in flooring and are always happy to help.

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