Facts And Misconceptions About Cork Flooring

You may have heard all of the hype about cork flooring lately and how it is becoming a popular choice in homes everywhere. Cork flooring is a great option for any home, but there are some misconceptions about the flooring that may have kept you away from the idea of it in your home. Below, we will go over some of the facts and also dispel the misconceptions that do exist because everyone deserves to have the best flooring in their home.

Facts About Cork Flooring

1. Cork Is Durable

Cork is durable and works extremely well in areas of your home where there is a lot of foot traffic. This type of flooring is often recommended to be used in family rooms, kitchens, entryways, and bedrooms.

2. Unique Tiles

One of the best things about cork flooring is that the grains in each piece are always different. What this means for you is that no two pieces of cork will look the exact same. Many homeowners like the uniqueness of the flooring.

3. Allergy Free

Cork is allergy free and is also resistant to bacteria, pests, mildew, and mold. Many homeowners who are allergic to these substances or those who have family members with allergies can benefit from choosing a cork floor.

4. Fire Retardant

If you are ever worried that something bad will happen while you are away such as a fire, you will be able to rest a bit easier knowing that cork flooring is a fire retardant. In fact, this type of flooring is used in many different applications where heat or flammable items may be nearby.

Misconceptions About Cork Flooring

1. It Looks Like a Bulletin Board

Many people think that cork flooring looks like a bulletin board on the floor, but it does not. In fact, cork floors are available in a large variety of different finishes, styles, and colors to ensure you are happy with the way it looks once it is down.

2. You Will Leave Holes in the Cork if You Wear Heels

Many people believe that you will leave holes in your cork floor if you wear heels or have a pointy object. While it is not impossible to poke a hole in the cork, if you have your flooring sealed on a regular basis and care for it, you will not experience any problems.

3. Cork is Too Hard

Fortunately, this is a myth and cork flooring is actually very comfortable under your feet. You will find that the floor has a bit of spring back too, which allows you to walk with ease.

Final Thoughts On Cork Flooring

Cork flooring offers many benefits to those who choose to have it installed. The myths that surround cork flooring are just that – myths. It is essential to learn the facts about the flooring because it is a great choice. If you need more information about cork flooring or you have a question or two about the best flooring option for your home, call The Floor Shop today.