Flooring Options, Ideas And Materials

The flooring in a new home plays such a crucial role in determining the look and the feel of the home. It also affects functionality. A point to consider when you are renovating your home. You may be tempted to have solid hardwood flooring all around the house. But how practical a choice is it? Today, there are a diverse range of flooring materials to choose from. And it is completely possible to achieve the look that you’d aimed for without compromising on comfort or functionality. Here are some of the most popular flooring material choices for your home this year, with their pros and cons and the area of the home that it is best suited for.


Hardwood continues to be one of the most popular and sought after flooring materials due to its classy appearance and the innate ability to blend with any type of décor. However, you must consider the cost of the materials and the installation. It is one of the most expensive flooring materials.


  • A hardwood floor will boost the resale value of your home
  • It is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain
  • It blends perfectly with almost any type of décor theme


  • The upfront cost of purchasing the material and installation can be staggering
  • It is not the best flooring choice in a high traffic area like the foyer
  • It can be noisy to walk on

The Best Areas to install hardwood flooring

  • The Living room – Usually not a high traffic area but can be the focal point of your interior design. This makes it the ideal room for hardwood flooring.


Tile is a versatile choice. It is inexpensive, thousands of colors and designs we offered and most importantly, can also be cleaned and repaired with ease.


  • Tile can be used in areas exposed to water or moisture
  • If you have a room with underfloor heating, then tiles is one of the best conductors of heat
  • It is extremely easy to clean and maintain


  • Tiles can be prone to damage if you accidentally drop a heavy object on it
  • You’d always have to keep some extra tiles handy because it may not be possible to find the same tile that you installed
  • The grout can be a magnet for germs especially if you do not clean it every day.

The Best areas to install tile

Any part of the house that needs a moisture resistant flooring is perfect for tiles. This may be the kitchen or the bathroom or even the dining area.


Considered as the ‘poor man’s hardwood’, Laminate is one of the best flooring choices that a homeowner has. It is available in almost an endless number of designs that can easily mimic hardwood.


  • Ridiculously inexpensive choice
  • Is extremely resistant to scratches and stains
  • Can mimic the look of stone, wood or tile


  • Prone to damage with standing water exposure

The best areas in the home to install laminate

Laminate is an ideal choice for high traffic areas like the foyer. It is best avoided in any rooms with a potential for moisture. These are the top three flooring choices even in 2016. We hope this helps you understand the benefits of each type of flooring and also helps you make an informed decision about the installation.