Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost

A lot of people plunge headlong into a home renovation project without being fully aware of the costs involved. This can easily throw a spanner in the works. So, it helps to be prepared with as much information as possible about the various costs of a renovation plan. One of the areas that lacks clarity is the flooring. Let’s say you wish to install a solid hardwood flooring. Do you know how much it will cost you to buy good quality hardwood flooring? What about the cost of installation? Does it involve removal of your existing flooring? With so many variables that can affect the cost, most people either draw a blank or are misinformed about the costs. Here’s a small guide that will help you understand the various costs involved in hardwood flooring installation.

The Cost of Flooring Material

The cost of hardwood flooring material varies from one place to the other. It depends on where the material is procured from. However, if you were to take a ballpark figure into consideration, then it can range from $4 per square foot and up. The price will increase depending on the quality of the material you select. Some types of wooden flooring are more expensive than others. For example, Oak or Brazilian cherry. Additionally, experts recommend that you add at least 10% of the cost of materials towards damages, repairs and wastage. This does not include the cost of other materials like glue, underlayment, nails and sealant.

Cost of Installation

The average cost of labor is $2 per square foot and up. This is the standard cost for experienced labor. You may also receive quotes from cheap inexperienced installers. However, considering that you will only install the flooring once, it is recommended that you do not cut corners here. Cheap may not always be the best option. If the installation involves molding or transitions, then the cost can be higher.

Cost of floor removal

In case of a remodel, it may involve removal of your old flooring. The costs for flooring removal varies depending on the type of flooring. For example, tiles may take more time to remove and disassemble and may be priced higher. A ballpark figure is $1 per square foot for removal and discard.

Subfloor levelling

If the subfloor needs to be repaired or levelled, then it will cost you an additional $2.00 and up per square foot. This cost is based on an average number for a typical ½ inch spruce subfloor.


Most wooden flooring manufacturers offer a 12 month warranty against any faults in the workmanship by installers. Almost every contractor offers this warranty. If you are unsure about this, then speak to the contractor before hiring them. This guide should help you understand the average cost of installing hardwood flooring. Like we said before, the actual cost may vary from one place to the other. The best way to get an estimate is to request a free in-home consultation from the flooring company.