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2016 Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Just like clothing, cars, furniture and pretty much everything else in our lives there are trends in flooring. These trends may or may not be what you expect but if you want to stay current with your flooring choice, or you are looking to do some renovations this year you might just want to keep in tune with what is hot for 2016.



The biggest trend for 2016 seems to be an all out quest to find the darkest flooring possible. Over the last few years the most popular colours have been ebony, espresso, jacobean and dark walnut. These colours are stains though, so the flooring has to be stained before it is actually installed in your home. It is highly recommended if you are selecting one of these stains that you test it out on the wood type you selected as these colours can look vastly different on different kinds of wood.


There has definitely been a downward trend in floors redder or warmer tones. Overall the shift is toward cooler toned floors that provide a clean, fresh and inviting look. Warmer tones tend to give a more traditional feel and home renovations just are not going in that direction, especially flooring.


This goes directly against the first trend listed, but another up and coming trend in flooring is gray floors. This is normally among the higher end (both in cost and look) but many people are also undertaking the task of refinishing previously installed hardwoods to that gray look. This gray finish looks the best in maple and birch wood, which can be a lot more expensive than something like oak.


The natural hardwood look is, reportedly, the second most popular look of 2016 after darker. Going with an ultra blonde finish tends to make your room, or home, look larger and much more open while providing a more casual look and a smaller bill at the end.


Matte or Satin Finishes

Gone are the days of shiny or semi gloss finishes, so say hello to matte or stain finishes. Satin has been more popular than matte, but that does not mean matte should be discounted: it is gaining in popularity in 2016.


What, exactly, does a wire-brushed floor look like you may ask? Well, you have probably seen it and did not even know it. Wire-brush is the rustic or authentic look that looks like it has a texture to it, but the finish is actually smooth. It’s a little more expensive to achieve this look but it comes with an added bonus: it hides dirt or imperfections in the wood easier than most other finishes so potentially less cleaning, or you won’t notice that small nick made when you were walking around with your shoes on.


Wider Planks

Using a wider plank will make your room, or house, appear more modern and generally larger. The most common width to achieve this is between 3 ¼” and 6” wide. Anything wider than 6” per plank, will give your floor a rustic or barn like feel and look.

Modern Vintage

This trend is a combination of stains, finishes and plank width. Combining a cool, dark colour in a matte or wire-brushed finish and using wider planks achieve this look.

Less is More!

This is a trend towards simple and natural looking flooring, including using the same flooring throughout an entire home with the planks being the same width and laid in, generally, the same direction.


There appears to be a shift in customers attitudes: they are interested in long term, sustainable options as opposed to a cheap, quick or temporary fix. They are more willing to spend the time and money to install floors that will last a long time and maintain a great look.

Keep it in the Kitchen

Probably due to the rise in popularity of open concept floor plans hardwoods in kitchens continue to become more common this year. Having hardwood in kitchen also unifies the look of your home; it is easy to clean, lasts longer and ultimately raises the value of your home.

Species and Sources

A New Kind of Oak

Oak is by far the most popular type of wood used in flooring for most homes, but it has previously been red oak. This year more consumers are leaning towards white oak for its more contemporary look. There are also varieties within white oak: for a higher end look you can choose rifted white oak, or for a more vintage look you can select something like character grade white oak.

The trends for 2016 are not so different from 2015, but are growing in popularity. Of course the look and feel of your home is completely and totally up to you, but if you are in the market to renovate your home this year and like to be on the edge of what’s new and hot, these trends will help you select a floor that is not only going to look good for a long time, but will also impress all of your friends.

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