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5 Ways To Prevent Hardwood Floors From Fading

Congratulations! You’ve bought yourself the hardwood floor of your dreams! You went through the process of choosing from the myriad of options and that it’s installed you are enjoying your home’s beautiful new look.

You probably think all the work is over and while hardwood floors do tend to be low maintenance, there is some upkeep you’ll want to do in order to keep your new floors from fading. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Here are five great ways to prevent your hardwood floors from fading.

#1: Light it up!

It’s a fact of life that hard, direct natural light is not your best friend when it comes to preserving your investment. It will damage your floor if you let it. To prevent this kind of hardwood floor damage, consider UV shielding windows or do something to shade the window and affected area. Skylights go a long way in allowing you to flood the area with natural light while preserving and protecting your hardwood floor investment.

You probably wouldn’t sit on the beach in the blaring sun all day without a few trusted items: sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and other provisions. Why would you let your beloved hardwood floors sit unprotected after all you’ve done to get them? You’ll want to use drapes, curtains to provide much needed shade to your hardwood floors. You can also consider planting shrubs or other plants outside your window to help prevent hardwood floor damage.

#2: Shake it up!

Life can easily fall into patterns. Most of us, when we set up the rooms of our home, we do it the same way each time. We put the couch there, the rug over there, TV stand at that side of the room, and then the next thing you know years go by! Months and years of long term furniture placement can cause hardwood flooring damage. Preventing this kind of hardwood floor damage is simple, easy and free: just move your stuff around! It doesn’t have to be frequent or a lot of work. Just move your furniture, plants, rugs and other items around two or three times a year. That’s all it takes to protect your hardwood floor investment.

#3: Finish it!

The old adage “an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure” definitely applies to preventing hardwood floor damage. Why wait until your floor is damaged by the sun or water? If you wait to refinish your floors until those things happen, it may be too late. If you regularly refinish your floors, you can be more mindful of the wear and tear they are subjected to, and then quickly and more easily stop and fix small problems before they become really big problems.

#4: Let somebody else deal with it!

You have enough on your plate as it is. Why would you want to add more to your “to do list?” There are plenty of hardwood flooring restoration companies out there. They’re professional, surprisingly affordable and well equipped to deal with all the challenges and headaches that come with preventing hardwood floor damage. Let them deal with it. You’ll be very glad you did.

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