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8 Tips For Protecting And Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

You have invested money, and maybe some sweat equity, into your brand new floors so it makes sense that you would want to keep them looking shiny and new for as long as possible.

Never had hardwoods before? New to home ownership? Thinking carpet was probably an easier choice already? Fear no more! With these 8 simple tips, and some consistency, you can keep your floors looking just as great as they day you, or someone else, installed them.

#1 Speaking of Consistency

The best way to take care of your new purchase is to make it a daily habit to sweep or vacuum them. A quick trip around with a broom to take away the daily build up prevents larger build-ups of dust, dirt, pet hair and dander. Regular cleaning of your floors can make a very large difference over time.

#2 Clean Up Spills

Accidents, and life, happen. And that’s ok, but if there is a spill on your floor clean it up right away. This will prevent any moisture from the spill from leaking in between the boards of your gorgeous new floor and will stop any warping or separating of the planks.

#3 Purchase an Area Rug . . . or two

You just got new floors, and you want to show them off, but if you want to make them last, it is highly recommended to purchase a couple of area rugs and put them in areas of high traffic and where outside debris is most likely to come indoors. Areas such as entranceways are very likely to have small stones and dirt travel in on shoes and can cause scratches in the surface of your floors. Our living rooms are where we tend to spend a lot of time – watching tv, chatting with family, playing with the kids – and furniture can be moved or shifted during every day living. If items like a couch or coffee table are over an area rug and they shift, it is less likely there will be scratches or damage to your floor.

#4 Don’t Mop

Yes, that’s right: don’t mop those beautiful brand new floors you have. Mopping, and general cleaning products, can actually dull the finish of your floors. Instead, if you appreciate a deeper clean there are products designed to specifically clean hardwood floors, and you should find the one that is right for your finish. There are three main kinds of finishes: surface finishes, wax and acrylic impregnated. If you are not sure which type you purchased you can contact the manufacturer to find out what is recommend for your finish.

#5 Check Out Your Floors

No, really keep an eye on them. Not just because they look good, but if you notice a spot that is uneven or just does not feel quite right you should investigate it and potentially have it fixed before it spreads to other areas of the floor. Wood is a natural product and therefore it is prone to expanding and contracting. If this happens it is not completely unheard of, but fixing it before it gets too bad is best to save the rest of the floor.

#6 Take Them Off

Your shoes, that is. Life gets busy and sometimes we just need to run into the house to grab something, in an out in less than 5 minutes. Shoes, especially sports cleats and high heels, can scratch or even dent your brand new investment. Shoes can also bring in dirt and stones that were stuck in their tread. If you are walking all over your house it only takes one small stone to put a scratch into those floors. So, always take them off.

#7 Pick Up Furniture, Don’t Drag

The couch does not quite look right in that corner, or to go with your new floor you bought a brand new big, cozy chair. Furniture does not have to stay in the same place once your new floor is in, but for longevity if you are moving furniture around it is recommended to pick it up and place it in its new home, do not drag it across the living room. Time to enlist those handy people who helped you install the floors to move your furniture around!

#8 Keep it Regular

As mentioned this kind of flooring is sensitive to moisture levels and relative humidity in your home. It is strongly recommended to keep the temperature, and humidity levels, in your home as consistent as possible. When your floors were installed they probably, or should have, sat in the room they were installed in for a couple days before they were actually installed. This was so they could adjust to the environment of your home. Keeping that environment as steady as possible will help keep them looking brand new and shiny for years to come.

New floors are a major investment for you and your home, and a great one at that. You have spent quite a bit of money, and maybe time, in your new home renovation so you probably want to keep it looking brand new and admirable for years to come. By taking regular, consistent care of your floors with daily cleanings, area rugs and ensuring you are cautious when moving furniture around your floors will grab the attention of all your guests for a very long time.

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