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The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner- The Floor Shop Advice

Hardwood floors have always been a challenging flooring to maintain and keep clean. If you are looking for a way to ensure your hardwood flooring stays shiny and new, follow along with these simple tips.

With hardwood flooring, it is important to refrain from using any waxes or oils on your floor. Oils will only use a filmy residue, which will leave it feeling less than clean. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners on this type of flooring; this will only result in scratches to your finish. One of the best flooring cleaners for hardwood floor is plain soap and water. You can find a gentle soap solution at any store; some cleaners like Pine sol are great for providing a shine to your hardwood floor and a nice scent throughout the house.

For a nice shine, you can create a spray bottle that includes a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Scuff marks can be sprinkled with baking soda for a natural solution to removing any marks on your hardwood flooring.

High Traffic Areas

You should sweep your floor daily in areas of high traffic. Mopping once or twice a week should be sufficient in keeping your floor shiny and clean. Remember that water is considered to be your wood floorings biggest enemy. You will want to use a damp mop instead of one that is soaking wet.

What Kind Of Cleaners Should I Use?

Cleaners specifically for wood flooring such as Murphy’s Oil Soap also makes a great product to use once a week on your hardwood floor. Adding in a bit of lemon juice to your natural cleaning solution can also help to create an amazing smell throughout the house.

Cleaning Tips

Try not to mop your flooring too frequently as wood flooring can warp from too much water. If your flooring requires additional attention, don’t be afraid to get down and clean it with a cloth or rag. This is a great way to get those hard to reach places or those stubborn stains that won’t seem to go away. Cleaning with a damp cloth is best to prevent too much water from remaining on your flooring.


Keeping your wood flooring looking newer longer requires a bit of cleaning diligence on your part. Ensure you are sweeping daily will help prevent any dirt from building up. If you have pets, it’s definitely important to sweep your flooring on a daily basis to help prevent any hair build up and residue from lying on your floor.

Mopping should only be done once or twice a week in the higher traffic areas. Remember that water can be the worst enemy of a hardwood floor, so ensuring you don’t leave large puddles on it is important in extending its lifespan.

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