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Environmental Benefits of Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring offers many environmental benefits that you may or may not already know about. If you do not have hardwood flooring in your home, it is definitely something you should consider. Below, we will go over some of the exact environmental benefits wood flooring has to offer.

1. According to the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service, the growth of hardwood trees exceeds the average removal that takes place yearly. This means that more trees are growing than those that are being removed. Therefore, there is an abundance of these trees and we do not have to worry about using the last ones to create hardwood flooring. In fact, for every single cubic foot of tree harvested, roughly 1.66 cubic feet are regrown in place of it.

2. When wood flooring is no longer able to be used inside of a home or commercial building, the wood can be recycled or burned as fuel for other projects. The wood never actually goes to waste and can be used over and over.

3. The wood used to make hardwood flooring does not contribute to global warming. In fact, the wood does not let off any emissions of nitrogen oxide or methane, which means that the air remains clean as well.

4. Hardwood flooring is a great option for any home because it can last for hundreds of years and does not need to be replaced as other options such as vinyl flooring and carpet. If you have hardwood floors in your home, you have probably already learned that they are extremely durable as well. Since the flooring lasts so long, your investment is definitely worth it and you will find that the investment over time works out to be a great deal.

5. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, wood floors help to improve the indoor quality within your home. This is mainly because wood floors do not hold on to dust, allergens, and pests like carpet does.

6. If you are looking for environmentally friendly flooring for your home, wood floors are considered the best option.

7. It takes a hardwood tree, on average, 40 to 60 years to grow to its full potential. The neat thing about this is that all of the newly planted trees are not needed until about 100 years after they have been planted, which provides them with plenty of time to grow and reach maturity.

Final Thought on Environmental Benefits of Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring sometimes gets a bad rap because people believe that forests are being torn down to create the flooring. As you can see above, it is quite the opposite. The trees that are used today are being replaced with MORE trees than what was originally there to start with.

If you are considering hardwood flooring in your home, it is a great option and is affordable as well. If you are looking for a professional to work with or to provide you with some guidance, contact The Floor Shop today.

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