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What You Should Know Before You Select Hardwood Flooring

If you have not had these kinds of floors before, then taking care of them, keeping them up, how they will age, what kind of cost you are looking at, and so on. There are things about hardwood that can deter potential customers from buying them, but yet will not bother those who have already had hardwoods in their home. So, before you go out and make this rather large purchase, here are some things you should know about selecting this kind of flooring for your home.


It is relatively well known that these floors are a rather large purchase and many factors should be considered before you buy. There is not a whole lot of regular costly maintenance on this floor, but the initial investment is significantly larger than other flooring types.


This kind of flooring requires frequent cleaning because, generally, the finishes on these floors tend to show dirt and dust easier than other kinds of flooring. You also cannot just use any cleaning products on them because certain products can dull or damage the finish on your floor, leading to premature aging or discolourations.


There are so many variations of this type of flooring that your floors may actually look custom once they are installed. Further with site-finished flooring the installation team can apply more or less finish to get the exact look you want – which actually makes them custom floors.


Exposure to sunlight will cause the colouring your floor to change over time, however it is actually very normal for this to happen. Hardwoods are a natural material so it is common that they will change as they age. The aging process can bring about changes in terms of colouring, markings and patterns. If you are adamant about avoiding this, it is recommended to purchase area rugs, high quality window coverings and to regularly move your furniture around so any sunlight that comes in will change the floor evenly, if at all.


If you live in a climate that experience a lot of humidity in the summer and damp winters it is really important to ensure your home is very well insulated. Flooring will potentially expand or contract if moisture gets underneath or in-between the boards, and that could lead to warping of the planks. So with proper insulation and subflooring, and not installing it below ground level, you can ensure your new floor does not get ruined.


While you have preparations to make with purchasing, and paying for the flooring, you will have a lot of preparation and maybe even extra costs when it comes to installation. If you are already living in the area of your home the new floor is going in, then you will need to consider how you are going to move the furniture that is in there and maybe even where you are going to store it during the installation. You will also have to consider how to get rid of the old flooring that is in the area; will the installation crew take old flooring with them as part of the fee or do you need to find a way to get rid of it on your own? These are items you will need to figure out and potentially take care of, so while you do have to figure out the cost per square foot of your flooring, you will also need to take into account additional expenses that just come with installing a new floor.

Hardwood floors are a great investment for your home; whether you plan to live there for a long time and enjoy them or hope they increase the value of your home to sell, they just add so much to a home. By considering these things and reviewing whether these are things you can live with or are too much you can easily determine if hardwoods are right for your household. Overall the initial investment is significantly more than other flooring, but you cannot put a price on the enjoyment and compliments you will receive from this wonderful upgrade to your home.

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