Hardwood Stairs

Custom finishes & options


Hardwood Stairs

Custom finishes & options

Hardwood Stair Replacement

If you are planning on furnishing your home with new hardwood floor, or have already done so, you might be interested in hardwood stair replacement. One of the most common endeavors in stair remodeling is the installation of treads – particularly those manufactured out of a wood species that looks great with the rest of the décor. The Floor Shop not only provides quality wood stair treads, but also offers installation and replacement services as well.

Wood is a classic, timeless choice of material for stairways and floors. It has its place in both traditional homes and contemporary homes. There are dozens of species to choose from, ranging from American cherry to yew. There are also exotic wood flooring products that are known for their superior hardness and rich tones.

Some wood species are naturally beautiful and don’t require any added colour. A few examples include walnut, cherry, or hickory. However, all of these woods can be stained if you are after a specific tone that works for your needs.

The Right Stain

If you haven’t already done so, you should choose a stain that matches the wood flooring and overall design of your home.

Dark stains tend to make rooms appear smaller, while lighter stains make the space seem larger. Light stains also look more informal and fade less overtime.

An important factor to consider is light source. Every source of light gives off a different colour. Fluorescent bulbs tend to be “whiter” and “cooler” than incandescent light bulbs. If the stairway is near a window, its colour may also be affected by exterior light sources.

If you’re unsure, a representative from The Floor Shop will be glad to help you decide on the right stain for your stairway treads.

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Considerations & Finishes

If you already have wood stairs, it’s possible to replace them simply by installing the new stair treads over top of them. This method of recapping is most commonly used when stairs are carpeted. Modifications to prevent overlapping of the stringer or skirting may be required, regardless of whether the old treads were carpet or wood.

Risers and runners may or may not be matched, as some homeowners choose to have a less-costly softwood for the runners, which can be painted any colour, with white being the most popular.

Pre-finished OR Finished

Is it better to have the wood finished at the factory before it’s even installed? The answer to this question generally is yes. The pre-finished option and the finished option both have their pros and cons, but by pre-finished you can, at least, see it all at once to know exactly what you are getting. It’s also convenient and easier to install.

Pre-finished wood allows for a completely custom solution for your stairs. There are fewer problems in the long run since it’s pre-finished at a factory. You won’t have to worry about wear as much since no dirt or liquid will get into the tread, as they are one piece. The downside is that it’s a longer, more complicated process.

Hardwood stair replacement can be a great investment to any home or office. today to learn more.

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