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10 Popular Trends In Laminate Flooring

Home décor trends can affect how people see your home, and affects what is offered on the market. Laminate flooring has taken off in the last few years and has become better as technology has advanced. No longer are the days of bad wood laminate flooring, as the new wood style laminate has a similar appearance as real hard wood flooring.

Since laminate flooring uses high-quality images fused under a protective layer, this means that you can have any design that you want. This is why many home designers have started to use more laminate flooring, as there are colours and patterns that would not be available in nature. Also, laminate flooring can look like expensive flooring, without that huge price tag. Here are the 10 popular trends in laminate flooring.


Is It Real?

One of the best trends in laminate flooring is authentic reproductions. Laminate flooring is able to have that reclaimed look and the subtle embossing that real wood and stone have. As the technology used to create laminate flooring advances, the harder it will be to tell real wood or stone flooring from laminate.


While traditional wood is still the most popular design of wood print, bamboo wood flooring is also becoming popular. This means that there is now bamboo style laminate, which is more strand based than the traditional hardwood design.

Design with Dimensions

At the moment the trend is to use laminated planks that are longer, and wider. This is also popular with hard wood flooring, but the cost is much lower with laminate planks.

Go Darker

Dark hard wood floors have been popular the last few years and are going to stay on trend. This has just started to make its way in laminate flooring. This looks great with light coloured or bright walls.

New Neutrals

While going darker is popular, so are greys. It does not matter the shade, tone or tint of grey. Grey may be a neutral and has become a popular choice over the years for floors.

Being Green

Being green has become a way of life for many homeowners in Canada. There is laminate flooring that is made from recycled materials. The life time this laminate flooring has, and the way you can clean it, makes these flooring options a go green choice.

High Glossy

There are many, different finishes of laminate flooring from matte to high gloss. Lately, high gloss has become the most popular option.

Home Made

In the last few years, more “Made in North America” options for laminate flooring have become available. This is due to people having more trust in flooring with high standards.


Budget is at the forefront of many people’s minds, and getting high quality does not mean you have to spend a huge amount of money. Laminate flooring has become a great option for the high-end designs you want, without the price tag.

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