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Laminate Flooring In The Kitchen

Most of the time, the kitchen is heart of a home and that means there will be a lot of traffic. Along with the traffic that a kitchen gets, there are going to be food spills. This makes picking flooring for your kitchen a challenge. At the moment, hardwood floors are popular in kitchen designs, but hardwood is not able to withstand a lot of spills. This is why laminate flooring in the kitchen has become very popular choice.

Laminate flooring mimics both the look of tile and hardwood and has a lower price tag than both options. Laminate flooring can resist scratches and stains. Cleaning up messes on laminate flooring is also simple, which makes it a great choice for the kitchen. Unlike wood flooring, laminate can’t be sanded, and there aren’t any unique gain prints. However, many of the wood system laminates on the market look so authentic, it’s hard to tell if they are wood or not.

What You Should Know About Laminate Flooring In The Kitchen

Laminate flooring is made up of four layers of materials, which are fused together. There is a melamine wear layer on top to protect the rest of the flooring. Then there is a high-resolution photo that is used to create the print that is seen. Underneath all that is a dense core board and another melamine backing.

Why You Should Use Laminate Flooring

The way that laminate flooring is fused together makes it extremely durable. Since it is extremely durable, this flooring can withstand heavy traffic, your pet’s paws, and cooking spills. This is why many people are starting to use laminate flooring instead of other types of flooring in high traffic areas.

Cleaning laminate flooring is also super easy. Just wipe up any spills as soon as they happen. You should sweep, vacuum or dust regularly to keep the floor clean. An occasional wipe with a damp mop or cloth is recommended to keep the flooring looking its best. Make sure to keep the floors clean of sand or dirt since this can lead to scratches. If you are using laminate wood flooring, make sure to get between the boards.

Considerations For Picking Laminate Flooring In The Kitchen

Laminate flooring comes in both tile and wood styles. Tile style comes in a range of earthy neutrals. Wood style laminate comes in a wide variety of colours from black to blond wood. In the last few years, manufacturers have been able to produce more realistic textures in the laminate floors. Wood style laminate can come with a distressed look that is popular for hardwood flooring. The finish of the laminate should also be taken into account. There are finishes from super glossy to matte. Most of the finishes do not affect how durable the flooring is.

Installing laminate flooring is super quick and easy. It is also an eco-friendly flooring option since it takes less natural materials to make. There is also laminate flooring available that is made from recycled materials.

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