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Mississauga’s Laminate Flooring Trends Are Hotter Than Ever

Laminate flooring continues to be one of the most in-demand flooring options available due to its versatility, durability, and resemblance to high end finishes such as hardwood and stone. In fact, as a result of advancements in technology, laminate flooring is rapidly gaining popularity amongst homeowners and is now considered one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Unlike the laminate of the past, which was considered cheap and unrealistic, today’s laminate is incredibly hardwearing, realistic, and innovative in design. The following laminate flooring trends are hotter than ever in Mississauga.

Trending Colours

This year, both extremely light and extremely dark laminate flooring is in demand. Dark/espresso is one of the most popular choices for individuals who prefer a darker finish, while gray, blonde, honey, and even whitewashed laminate is popular amongst those interested in a lighter finish. For those who can’t chose between these two vastly different looks, high variations are another popular choice, which seamlessly mixes the two trends, combining extremely light and extremely dark planks.

Trending Looks

Although smooth floors are classic and are therefore always in style, this year, more and more customers are expressing an interest in a more lived in or worn look. As a result, handscraped and rustic laminate is one of the most popular looks, as are the weathered, distressed, and reclaimed looks. Rather than opting for smooth and shiny flooring with few imperfections, many customers are now asking for laminate flooring with character. To achieve this look, they are selecting planks with knots, scrapes, burns, and variation in colour. In addition, reclaimed wood has quickly gained popularity due to a growing interest in recycling materials. While laminate itself is not made from reclaimed wood, it is now made in a way which closely resembles reclaimed wood or distressed hardwood.

The stone look is another big trend in Mississauga laminate this year. While laminate has long sought to mimic hardwood, manufacturers have now developed laminate which closely resembles stone and offers an inexpensive alternative to natural stone and ceramic tile.

Trending Layouts & Patterns

Laminate planks can now be installed in a variety of patterns including herringbone and diagonal. Both layouts are fresh and modern, putting a twist on traditional laminate installation and creating a bold statement. Unconventional widths are also trending this year, as more individuals are opting for wide planks or mixed widths to create an original and eye-catching design.

Trending Types

With a greater emphasis on buying local, more customers are now expressing an interest in American-made laminate. A wide range of laminate exclusively manufactured in the United States is now available to meet this growing demand.

Like hardwood, traditional laminate is susceptible to water damage, often warping or bubbling when installed in an area regularly exposed to water. However, 100% waterproof laminate is now available in Mississauga, which is a popular choice for kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations, particularly since it is available in all of the latest styles and colours.

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