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How To Protect Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring may easily be prone to dents, scratches, scuff marks, as well as other kinds of damages, particularly in locations with heavy traffic. This is also true when you need to move furniture around, such as tables and chairs, all over the flooring on a regular basis. In certain cases, humidity in the weather, as well as the presence of pets may also damage your laminate flooring. If you are wondering how to protect laminate flooring, there are certain ways that you can do so.

Steps In Protecting Your Laminate Flooring

In order to protect the area, make sure that you place some felt protector pads at the bottom of light furniture. This will avoid the feet of the furniture, as well as other sharp edges from scratching or scraping against the laminate flooring. You can buy felt protector pads that come with adhesives on a side, allowing you to stick it to the bottom of furniture.

When you move furniture around, make sure that you lift it, rather than dragging it. By doing so, you can avoid scratches, as well as scuff-marks which may come as a result of dragging your furniture. If you find it difficult to move furniture, especially the bigger ones, you can use plastic discs that come with padding on a side, placing it under the furniture. Those discs will enable heavy and large furniture to easily glide on the laminate flooring without resulting to any damage. Other alternatives include the use of heavy blankets or thick towels.

Protect Your Laminate Flooring

You may also want to place rugs or carpets on the laminate flooring. These carpets may be placed in locations that are prone to heavy foot traffic in order to prevent scrapes and scratches from potentially marring your laminate flooring. You can also place non-slip or rubber pads below the rags in order to prevent them from potentially sliding around.

As an additional measure, you can also place a ‘welcome’ mat on your doorway. This will make sure that your family or guests will wipe their feet before they enter your home. This will reduce the entry of dirt, pebbles, as well as other debris from possibly scratching the laminate flooring. You may also request your family or guests to leave their shoes inside your home. This can also help in eliminating the debris which may be tracked from your shoes and into your laminate flooring.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure that the humidity levels in your house stays between 35 and 65 percent. This will further prevent the laminate flooring from being warped as a result of the contraction or expansion of the materials of your laminate flooring. These are the things that you can do if you want to learn how to protect laminate flooring. You may also want to check on other forums and blogs of other laminate flooring owners in order to learn some tricks and techniques that can lengthen the life of your laminate flooring at home.

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