Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) in Toronto

If you think of vinyl flooring, the first thing that comes to mind is not likely going to be million dollar condominiums with lake views in downtown Toronto. Realistically, vinyl flooring is often associated with less fashionable patterns, colours and bargain renovations and projects. You’ve probably noticed, however, that more recently vinyl flooring has become rather popular, even in fashionably designed locations. This increase in popularity is because within the last ten years vinyl flooring has been reinvented and reintroduced as luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP). It has essentially taken over the Toronto design market and, nowadays, LVP flooring is being installed in multi-million dollar condominiums and homes in and around Toronto and has replaced natural flooring options as the ideal in many people’s homes.

Why LVP in Toronto?

There are a number of reasons that luxury vinyl plank has become so popular with well-educated homeowners and designers within the city of Toronto. It may seem counterintuitive that vinyl flooring, a product known for its affordability, is being chosen by such affluent individuals and companies, however these three assets to LVP may enlighten you and inspire a redesign project of your own!


First, and probably foremost, LVP is extremely durable and easy to clean. With today’s active households, LVP flooring’s stain resistance and easy maintenance is extremely attractive to designers and homeowners alike. To elaborate a little, LVP has what is referred to as an intensity surface shield. This shield is basically a super tough waterproof layer that protects the vinyl flooring against dirt and spills, but also scuffs and scratches. This makes LVP flooring kid and pet friendly, offering a huge appeal to working families in Toronto.


A second asset to LVP flooring is that it comes in a huge variety of natural wood imitation options. Tree species wood patterns and stains that otherwise would be expensive and hard to find become affordable and worry free! With options like maple, oak or walnut there is surely an option to please even the pickiest of homeowners in Toronto. Since luxury vinyl plank flooring comes in individual and embossed pieces, as opposed to room sizes, the wood looks very natural and is often hard to distinguish from the real thing.


Another great component to luxury vinyl flooring that many people are probably unaware of is that LVP is installed with Moistureloc. This creates a watertight seal that prevents mold and other microorganisms from forming under the LVP flooring. All of this means that you can install LVP flooring in basements or places that will see an abundance of moisture, like a bathroom, without any concerns of moisture damage or allergen accumulation. Luxury vinyl flooring offers excellent durability while maintaining a natural look and feel as well as the ability to be installed in essentially any location throughout a building or home. These components coupled with the affordability of LVP are making it hard for homeowners and designers to say no to this luxurious flooring in their high end projects in Toronto! As a result, you will start noticing luxury vinyl flooring more and more throughout the city…if you pay close attention! It’s becoming harder to distinguish LVP from real hardwood. We would love to help you with your flooring needs. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment or simply stop by The Floor Shop today.