Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank Vs. Sheet Vinyl

You’ve been considering a makeover on your floors and after a little research you quickly become overwhelmed with the abundance of luxury vinyl flooring options on the market. It’s easy to see why! Over the last ten years vinyl flooring has been completely rebranded and remarketed as luxury vinyl flooring. This new luxury vinyl flooring meets a wide variety of budget and aesthetic needs by offering endless options. Breaking vinyl flooring options down into two main categories is a pretty good place to start when you are having difficulties deciding.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Vs. Sheet Vinyl

Two of the bigger options on the market today are luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl plank flooring and sheet vinyl flooring. Both of these are excellent choices for active households, are water and stain resistant and reasonably affordable. Both luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank (LVT and LVP) and sheet vinyl flooring are also manageable as do-it-yourself installation projects and are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. Although there are obvious similarities between LVP, LVT and sheet vinyl flooring, there are also big differences that are important to note when you’re deciding which is a suitable choice for your space.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

To start with, sheet vinyl flooring is a fiberglass based sheet flooring with a comfortable cushioned base. Sheet vinyl flooring is glued directly to the subfloor and, despite what you may think, is an excellent option even for basements or damp spaces. Sheet vinyl flooring installation can be quick and easy and the results can be stunning. These days, sheet vinyl flooring comes in a variety of amazingly sophisticated designs including tile, wood plank and even stone. Sheet vinyl flooring looks amazingly natural and is definitely an option worth exploring for your floors.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank or tile (known as LVP and LVT), like sheet vinyl, is also resilient and high performance. LVP is a luxury vinyl flooring that mimics natural wood planks in every aspect, from colour to specific tree species and surface textures. The part that it leaves out, however, is that unlike natural plank flooring, LVP is easy to clean and extremely durable. Textures of luxury vinyl plank flooring often include embossing the wood lines, which adds realism and comfort to your flooring as well as making the flooring less slippery for those walking on it. Luxury vinyl tile is flooring that mimics natural tile and these days has become extremely convincing. LVT comes in a variety of colours and style options ranging from natural stone to granite styles and textures.

The Decision

With both LVT/LVP and sheet vinyl flooring you are going to love the finished project as you glide comfortably across your new vinyl flooring. The personalization with vinyl flooring begins with the selection of LVP flooring, LVT flooring or sheet vinyl flooring and continues right to the colour and installation style (diagonally, brick style,). The best part about the endless options with vinyl flooring is that you really can’t go wrong, it all comes down to personal preference for your space and how you envision the finished vinyl flooring project to look. If you are having trouble choosing the right vinyl flooring, the team at The Floor Shop can help you today. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment or simply visit one of our showrooms and let us assist you in your floor makeover.