Hardwood Stairs

Custom finishes & options


Hardwood Stairs

Custom finishes & options

Stair Treads

When browsing the GTA for companies that can fulfill your stair replacement needs, you should look no further than The Floor Shop. Whether you are replacing your existing stairs with a clean, hardwood finish to mesh with the rest of the floors in your house or simply want to refinish a set of hardwood stairs that has worn with age, we have your solution. In case you have never heard the terminology before, a “stair tread” is essentially a stair step and accounts for the horizontal platforms that you walk upon. At The Floor Shop, our installation and replacement services for stair treads are not only quick and efficient but will leave your stairwell looking more exquisite and refined than ever before.

Materials and Stain

In addition to installation and replacement, The Floor Shop offers high-quality wood materials for your stair tread needs. The dozens of available wood species include yew, maple, hickory, beech, cherry, oak, ash, walnut, and many others. Some of these species may give your home the perfect hue naturally without added colour. On the other hand, stain can be used to augment your tread’s tone and bring further harmony to your home’s design. It is always good to research possible stains ahead of time, but if you’re having difficulty, The Floor Shop will be more than happy to help you pick the ideal colour. Remember that natural lighting, artificial lighting, room size, and the rest of your home’s aesthetics are all important factors to consider when selecting a suitable stain.

Installation (Capping & Recapping)

With regard to the installation process, capping or recapping refers to the insertion or the replacement of stair treads, respectively. If the base of your stairs is already made of wood, you can usually re-cover the stairs with new tread whether they were once covered with carpet or otherwise. In this case, modifications may need to be made to the frame of the stairs to ensure that skirting and stringer overlap does not occur. From there, the steps’ dimensions simply need to be recorded, the tread and risers cut to fit, and then the new materials are installed using an industrial-strength adhesive (no drilling required!). Hardwood is normally used for the runners (i.e. tread) so that you have durability in a high-traffic area while many opt for cheaper softwood for the risers (the vertical planes of the stairs) since these get minimal contact and are mostly aesthetic.

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Differences Between Finished & Pre-Finished

When capping or recapping your stairs you normally have the choice between having the wood be pre-finished at a factory or having it be finished on-site. As can be expected, pre-finished materials means a much faster and more straightforward installation process. Since materials are finished at a factory, you can expect a higher quality finish that won’t be contaminated by dirt and other unwanted substances. This can apply to the wood itself and the stain that may coat the wood. The pre-finished route also means you can get preview of the finished product sooner, though stain and wood samples could be shown to those who go the finished route as well.

Finished can be the better choice if you want faster results. The downtime of your stairwell will be longer, but the overall job will be done quicker since custom pre-finish orders are complex and require time to process. Whatever you choose, The Floor Shop can make sure the task is done with careful efficiency. We are committed to offering high-quality services and handle each new job with the utmost care. Contact us today to get started on your journey toward a newer, more refined stairway.

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