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From Homes to Hotels – Beautiful, Durable & Waterproof

With EverWood, the luxury vinyl flooring you will see is exactly what you will enjoy for years to come. Precision-crafted, waterproof, warm, quiet, and easy to maintain. This elegant and contemporary luxury vinyl features some of the longest and widest planks in the industry. In addition, its long-life durability can accommodate high-traffic commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants. EverWood will give any space the feel of realistic wood visuals and textures.

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EverWood Premier

Precision-crafted luxury vinyl flooring with stunning wood grain designs

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RigidWood features a modern, soundless and firm surface. Thanks to its innovative construction, RigidWood floors offer absolutely no gapping, peaking or cupping.

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RigidWood Flex

Simply the best SPC floor on the market

With up to 8 layers of single press construction, RigidWood Flex is highest quality SPC Vinyl. Offering remarkable deeply textured visuals and stability unlike any other floor.

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RigidWood Firm

RigidWood Firm is a premium 5 layer SPC vinyl that offers a lighter and more subtle texture, providing amazing performance according to your budget.

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