Torlys Smart Hardwood

Artisan Elite Brookhaven Oak


Vintage Hardwood Flooring

Red Oak Chariot


Torlys Smart Hardwood

Summit Elite Southampton Oak


Vintage Hardwood Flooring

White Oak Athena


Mercier Hardwood Flooring

Origins Hard Maple


Mercier Hardwood Flooring

Nature Emotion Series Freedom

Artisan Elite Hardwood

Beauty is enhanced by unique characteristics. Natural lines. Lively grains. Unique textures. Every floor in the TORLYS Artisan Elite collection is full of character and will make any space unforgettable.

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Artisan Premier Hardwood

Vintage-inspired and lightly distressed, Artisan Premier floors create a sense of old-world charm to any design style. These floors add warmth and character to spaces from the most minimal design style to the wonderful eclecticism of transitional tastes.

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Summit Elite Hardwood

The TORLYS Summit Elite collection brings the natural feel and beauty of wood to any space but in a trend-forward way. Capturing the true essence of the wood, this collection is truly gorgeous.

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Summit Premier Hardwood

Wide planks. Natural colours. Oil finish. TORLYS Summit Premier collection is affordable elegance that will accentuate any d├ęcor.

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Everest Designer Hardwood

Rosewood, Walnut & Oak

Extra long, wide planks enhance the smooth and sophisticated appeal of the Everest Designer Collection. Venture into a world of breathtaking floors in species such as Rosewood, Walnut and Oak.

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Everest Elite Hardwood

Longer, Wider Planks

Long and wide planks create dramatic and memorable spaces. Beauty and sustainable practices drive the thinking behind every Everest Elite floor. We produce up to 30 times more hardwood flooring from a single tree versus conventional solid hardwood.

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Everest Premier Hardwood

Oak & Birch

Everest Premier is a classic collection in Oak and Birch. History, continuity and splendor marry together and form a series that is warm and endearing. The timeless beauty of wood in a 4-7/8 inch wide plank and a 47-3/8 inch length.

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