Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of our most preferred flooring available due to its superior quality and durability. Vinyl flooring naturally mimics the appearance of more expensive flooring options which will ultimately provide aesthetically pleasing results at an effective cost.

Toronto vinyl flooring is one of the leading materials due to its durability and the endless amount of design styles that can be created with this type of flooring. The possibilities are endless with vinyl flooring and thanks to its cost-effectiveness and aesthetically appealing look, your team at The Floor Shop is able to help you create your dream look.

What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Toronto vinyl flooring consists of synthetic flooring materials. Vinyl materials are the highest grade, durable, affordable and easiest materials to install. In some cases, vinyl flooring can be confused with other types of flooring such as linoleum and laminate.

Vinyl flooring is known for it’s versatility and ability to hold up to different conditions such as moist environments. While vinyl flooring is known for its outstanding durability, if this material is installed properly and is well maintained over the years, it can last upwards of 15-20 years.

Vinyl flooring is a great option for parts of the home which get the most foot traffic. The reason being that most vinyl materials that are available on the market have a “wear layer” that can resist scratches and stains which prolongs the longevity of the look of the flooring and its quality.

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Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a highly favored economic choice for its versatility, durability and the many great benefits that are associated with this material. At The Floor Shop we are proud to offer this substantial material, here are 3 of the most beneficial aspects of vinyl flooring:

Vinyl Styles

A great benefit of vinyl flooring is the types of styles that can be achieved with this type of flooring. Since this flooring comes in various textures and styles that can mimic another look like hardwood and stone, it’s a great option if you’re wanting to have a unique durable look in your home.


Toronto vinyl flooring is available in different types of material such as sheets, tiles and planks allowing you to customize your flooring based on preference. We offer ranges of vinyl flooring to create the effects of a traditional or modern style in your home. Our vinyl flooring material is water resistant which makes this versatile flooring an excellent option for rooms that have increased moisture.

Cost Effective

Our Toronto vinyl flooring material is among the most cost-effective options that we offer. Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular materials not only for its durability but also for its affordable price.

Vinyl Installation

Toronto vinyl flooring is known for it’s versatile, cost effective and easy installation. Vinyl flooring comes in various materials such as flooring tiles, sheets and planks which makes installation easy and quick. The Floor Shop has an effective installation plan based on the method that you choose.

Depending on the type of vinyl flooring that you’re installing in your home, it will determine how the installation process will occur. In most cases, your installation contractors will provide the best method for your home. Here are some of the following methods that may be considered during your installation process:

Glue-down method: The glue-down method is highly secured installation. If the glued-down method is chosen, a special adhesive will be brushed onto the bottom side of the vinyl planks and secured onto the subfloor.

Interlocking method: This method uses specially designed planks that are set down into place and snapped together securely.

Peel and Stick method: These planks and tiles come customized with special adhesive applied to the bottom. The covering must be peeled off and the tile or plank is pressed into place to create a secure finish.

Loose lay method: This installation requires friction caused by the backing of the plank or tiles. This type of flooring method relies on friction to stay secure in place.

Toronto vinyl flooring is an impeccable option that creates a appealing and functional feel to your home. This cost-effective but durable flooring is The Floor Shops best solution for your needs. Vinyl flooring can be installed in any area of your home and has unique advantages that allows vinyl flooring to be used in damp basements as it’s a great water-resistant material.

On the other hand, vinyl flooring is not typically suitable for areas such as stairs as this type of material must be installed on flat, and levelled surfaces. For this reason, it’s always a better option to install vinyl flooring over a well-sanded plywood subfloor which adds comfort under the foot.

In order to ensure that your flooring will withstand the upcoming years, our professional Toronto vinyl installation team is highly recommended in order to ensure that the installation of your flooring will look it’s absolutely best for the years to come.

Optimal Comfort

Our Toronto vinyl flooring comes in a variety of materials such as planks, sheets, and tiles which have a felt or foam backing. Our unique flooring adds more comfort and flexibility to walk and stand on freely without experiencing discomfort.

Vinyl flooring is not as cold as wood or ceramic tiles which makes this another great advantage of having vinyl flooring installed in your home for those colder months. Our foam backing also helps reduce the amount of sound and noise that is emitted from the planks which also adds an additional cushioned surface and comfort.

Understanding the types of vinyl material and their benefits can be a challenge but with our Toronto flooring team, we can help you navigate and find the best suitable option for you.

Discover Toronto Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has been a highly popular choice for it’s beautiful installation, high-quality and durability. Vinyl flooring has an extensive amount of design looks and material styles that you can create, which means that you are bound to achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of for your home.

Discover the endless flooring possibilities at our Toronto location. Vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for those looking to incorporate a unique look and different textures into their home without the cost associated with such products.

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