Which Vinyl Plank LVT | LVP Floor should I buy?

With luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank becoming so popular in recent years, the market has exploded with different options and quickly become overwhelming for the average homeowner. There are a few differences in luxury vinyl flooring products that will help determine which option is right for your living space. Starting with the method of installation, but also including quality of construction and finally, of course, the aesthetic appeal it is important to go into your vinyl flooring project with a clear list of your expectations.

Installation Method

As mentioned, one of the main determining factors will likely be the method of installation. Not all LVT/LVP flooring is installed the same way, but there are two main installation types that are commonly manufactured. The first type is simply called glue down and the second is called floating. The glue-down installation method will provide the most benefits in heavily used or damp areas. This method provides a permanent seal that is watertight and prevents mold and microorganism growth. The floating installation of LVT/LVP flooring is also known as the ‘click together’ type of vinyl flooring. This click together flooring is very appealing to the do-it-yourself homeowners drawn by the implied ease of installation in the name. This type of flooring, however, can be very difficult to work with and it can often be extremely frustrating and time consuming eliminating unwanted gaps between panels.

Quality of Vinyl Flooring

Another big component to luxury vinyl flooring is the quality of the construction. As with most things, you often get what you pay for when it comes to quality and flooring. If you find a product that costs much less than most others you’ve been seeing, make sure you investigate why it may cost less. Have the manufacturers eliminated the balancing layers (which help keep the plank or tile stable)? Have lower quality materials been used (that could give off toxic odours)? These, among other considerations, are important aspects to consider when comparing which LVT/LVP vinyl flooring product is right for your project.

Realism of Design

Finally, the design of the luxury vinyl flooring product is going to play a big role in deciding which specific product is right for your project needs. Aspects such as how realistic the surface textures are (if it is embossed at all) as well as how natural the colour appears and how consistent it is throughout the flooring are all important considerations. Keep in mind where the flooring will be installed and try to avoid solid colours for high traffic areas as solid colours will typically show wear more quickly and easily. It is also important to examine each tile or board individually (or at least more than one or two of them). This is because you will likely want to ensure the pattern isn’t repeated exactly the same on each piece. A variety in the pattern will lend to a much more realistic look to your LVT/LVP flooring. Which LVT/LVP flooring is right for your project will essentially come down to your specific requirements. If you do your research and consider what kind of area the flooring will be installed in, you should be able to narrow down your decision relatively easily.