What To Expect With Your Hardwood Flooring Installation?

Selecting the right wooden flooring for your home may seem like a daunting task. But most people do not know what to expect next. In fact, lack of proper planning for the installation process often catches homeowners unaware. If you have just purchased a wooden flooring for your home, then here’s a small guide to help you prepare for what happens next.

Preparing For Installation

The installer will visit your home to inspect the room in which the flooring is to be installed. The flooring area will be measured and you will have to remove any furniture, draperies out of the room before the installation. If you have heavy appliances or furniture, then you may need to seek third party assistance to help move it successfully. If you have made an arrangement with the installers to move the furniture, then you can skip this part.

Off Limits

Any room in which the wood flooring is being installed will be off limit for you and your family during the complete installation time period. The installer may have estimated a certain time period for completing the installation. However, there’s always a possibility of unforeseen delays. So, ensure that you build in some extra days into the schedule.


Solid wood should be acclimatized to the temperature and moisture of your home before it is installed. So, your supplier will deliver the flooring material to your home where it will be kept in some part of the home for a few days at least. This allows the wood to adjust to the new surroundings and ensures that the wood doesn’t expand or contract immediately after installation.

During Installation

The installation process will be noisy and dusty as the installer will cut and install the flooring. If the installers find any issue with the subfloor, then that will need to be attended to before installing the flooring. Most experienced installers use dust containment equipment and usually set up the work area outside the house. But, despite the best preventive measures, prepare for dust to collect in your home. If you have any items that you want to keep dust-free, then it is recommended that you cover it. After installation, the installer will apply a finish on the floor and leave it to dry.

After installation

Once the new flooring has been installed successfully, you can move the furniture back into the rooms. However, it is recommended that you place felt or rubber pads on the bottom of the furniture to prevent any dents or scratches on the new flooring. Use throw-rugs on the entrances to prevent dust or dirt from entering the home at least for the first few days. If you moved any heavy appliances, you may want to test them for any leaks before you move them back into the room.


Floor boards will vary in appearances and may discolour with time. To limit this, minimize direct exposure to sunlight. Also, gaps will appear between the boards and disappear during seasons of peak and low humidity. With minimal maintenance, you can keep your wooden floors looking as good as new for years.